Are you a member of the military looking for someone you can trust to watch over your bike while you are gone? Did you recently PCS here and have yet to find a local friend that you can trust with your ride? We can help. Come see us.

Chris knows all too well how military life can be especially difficult for bikers. During his time in the Army, after every new move, the hunt was on for reputable mechanic shops and biker friends with storage space. Chris also helped plenty of his colleagues out by storing and maintaining their Harleys while they were away on duty. He has been there and he knows how unnerving it can be to trust your bike to someone else while you are away. Rest assured Chris and the team at Greenrock Performance will treat your bike with the respect and care it deserves.

You needn’t be in the military to take advantage of our storage service. Come by today and find out how we can suit your needs for motorcycle storage.